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Volvo CE expands rigid hauler range

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced the addition of two new hauling options for quarrying and light mining customers

Volvo CE has announced the availability of its 55-tonne payload R60 and 65-tonne payload R70 rigid haulers, expanding its range of rigid haulers to three models.

The R60 has a body volume of 36.04 cubic metres, while the R70 offers 42.4 cubic metres, offering quarry and light mining customers with a greater range of production options, Volvo CE says.

With the two new models joining Volvo CE’s offering of rigid and articulated haul trucks, its Site Simulation tool can be used to make an operator’s on-site logistics more efficient depending on the terrain and size of site.

Volvo CE says that while rigid haulers thrive on sites with wide, firm, well maintained haul roads, where they can travel up to 61km/h over long distances, articulated haulers are better designed for uneven, narrow, slippery and steep haul roads, where the haul cycle is shorter.


Maximizing tonnes of material moved per hour is a core tenet of the design of the R60 and R70, Volvo CE explains.

The new machines feature a V-shaped haul body that is designed to deliver maximum load retention, while at the same time minimal material carry-back post dumping.

The dumping process itself is also speedy, thanks to a fast-tip system, while the optional on-board weighing provides real-time insights on payloads.

When it comes to grip, the high drive axle multiplication ensures maximum traction, Volvo CE says, while the automatic adaptive gear selection offered by Volvo Dynamic Shift Control improves fuel efficiency.

The engine also has a selectable eco mode that defaults to the most efficient gear, while the auto engine idle shut down reduces engine wear.


Volvo says that, as with the R100, the R60 and R70 are havens for operator comfort and safety.

From a safety perspective, the R60 and R70 both feature a ROPS/FOPS certified cab, with access on both sides via anti-slip steps.

When on the move the haulers feature gear-dependent speed control, and a selectable brake or transmission retarder.

The gearbox also has overspeed protection, a neutral coast inhibitor for downhill operations, fail-safe braking and a secondary steering system.


Volvo CE says that one of the strengths of the new R60 and R70 models is their ease of maintenance.

Helping to keep repair costs and downtime down, the units have long 500-hour service intervals, ground-level tagout and easy-to-reach service points, while common-sized bearings keep parts stockholding simple and cost effective.

For fleet owners, on-board service diagnostics and a CareTrack telematics system help to rapidly identify potential faults and maximise uptime.

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