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Volvo CE releases new slag bucket

Designed for the transport of slag in steel mills, Volvo CE has designed a new bucket to handle the intense temperatures

Designed as an attachment for its application-specific range of slag handlers (wheel loader models L150H, L180H, L220H, L260H and L350H) Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has launched an all-new slag handling bucket.

Unlike previously, where a rock bucket was used as the base for its steel mill buckets, the new slag bucket has been specifically designed for steel mills.

The bucket floor is made from heavy duty thick plate, with a protruding design that protects the integrity of the side plate welds. Welded to this is an 80mm single piece cutting edge and the side cutters are built in two parts, with the lower half made from thicker steel, while at the top there is a reinforced spill guard.

A particular feature is the lower-than-standard digging depth – which takes into account the fitment of protective tyre chains.

Customisation can be undertaken through Volvo CE’s Customer-Built Attachments program.

The slag-handling wheel loader models feature additional thermal protection, including heat resistant fuel and oil lines, as well as additional guarding against slag explosions, falling objects and air-blown debris.

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