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Volvo Construction adds three electric machines

While they won’t be headed Down Under just yet, the addition of new electric earthmoving equipment to Volvo’s Construction range puts the company on target for its 2030 ambitions

Volvo Construction Equipment has further boosted its commitment towards electric machines, adding two excavators and a compact wheel loader to the range.

The EC18 and ECR18 excavators and L20 wheel loader join the previously-released ECR25 excavator and L25 wheel loader as electric machinery in the manufacturer’s stable.

No Australian release date has been confirmed for the new products, according to local distributor CJD Equipment.

Volvo’s L20 electric wheel loader

CJD’s national product engineering and training manager Lindsay Daniels says the machines form part of Volvo Group’s push to have 35 per cent of its vehicles be fully electric by 2030.

“Volvo is acutely aware that there is a strong market push for electric propelled machines,” he says.

“However, each industry segment, different model range and machine size presents different engineering challenges.

“As Volvo overcomes those challenges and is fully satisfied that their core values of safety, quality and environmental care are all met, and the product meets Volvo’s stringent performance criteria, these products will be released to the market.

“CJD Equipment is also committed to these core values and as soon as the new electric propelled machines are available in this region CJD will bring them to our customers.”

Volvo’s L20 wheel loader offers up to eight hours of operating time per charge while the EC18 and ECR18 excavators can run for up to five and four hours respectively.

All three machines come with an integrated on-board charger that will fully restore the battery’s capacity in six hours.

An off-board fast charger is an optional extra and this will fully charge the wheel loader in two hours, or provide 80 per cent charge in 75 minutes, for either excavator.

Volvo’s ECR18 electric excavator

In terms of performance, Volvo CE says the ECR18 excavator will “provide the same best-in-class stability and operator experience customers expect from its diesel counterpart but with the benefit of low noise, low vibration and more responsive hydraulics due to the immediate torque”.

The ECR18 weighs in at 1,765kg, lighter than the 1,960kg of the EC18, and is about 12cm shorter.

Other specifications, such as the maximum long arm digging depth (2,434mm), maximum long arm dump height (2,588mm) and maximum travel speed (3.8km/h) and breakout force (12.9kN) are the same on both excavator models.

Describing the EC18 as “compact and cost-efficient”, Volvo CE also highlights its variable undercarriage, which the company says “retracts to less than 1m and expands up to 1.35m, allowing it to squeeze into the tightest of areas.”

The 4.5-tonne L20 compact wheel loader has a 1.8 tonne payload, maximum dump height of 2,495mm and has 100 per cent parallel movements.

Volvo CE says the L20 operates in near silence, as well as providing reduced heat and vibration inside the cabin for the operator. It also offers a new automatic park brake with hill-hold functionality.

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