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Volvo F-Series haul trucks build on tradition

Volvo Construction Equipment’s new F-Series range of dump trucks builds on a 49-year tradition, updated to deliver higher levels of comfort and productivity while reducing costs, the company says.

These machines — which include the A25F, A30F, A35F, A35FFS, A40F and A40FFS — can manoeuver, travel and dump the load “in the most efficient and safe way you have ever experienced”, Volvo adds.

Features of the F-Series earthmovers include high-performance, fuel-efficient Volvo engines and an all-Volvo drivetrain purpose-built for articulated haulers.

“The design delivers high rimpull, low fuel consumption and superior reliability in heavy-duty applications,” Volvo says. “The proven concept of oil-cooled wet multiple disc brakes on the A35 and A40 models is now being introduced on the A25F and A30F. The retardation system controls downhill hauling speeds using wheel brakes and the Volvo engine brake.”

The design makes use of 100 percent lockable, no-slip, no-wear differential locks in 6×4 and 6×6 drive combinations. Automatic traction control activates the differential locks and selects the correct combination based on the ground conditions.

By locking all differentials, all wheels rotate at the same speed for maximum traction in tough terrain.

“With the A305F FS and A40F FS, full hydraulic suspension on all wheels increases productivity and makes for a more comfortable ride — not to mention excellent performance and high hauling speeds in tough conditions,” Volvo says, while the A35F, A35F FS, A40F and A40F FS “can be equipped with Volvo’s award-winning onboard weighing system, which allows for precise machine productivity monitoring, helping to optimise payload and minimize wear, tire damage and high fuel consumption.


Oil-cooled wet multiple disc brakes are a feature of the new Volvo A30F haul truck.


“On FS models, the system uses full suspension pressure sensors to monitor weight, relaying information to load software integrated into the machine’s electronics. Indicator lights tell the hauler operator, as well as the operator of the loading unit, whether the hauler is at part or nominal load or whether it has been overloaded.”

For the operator there’s a centrally positioned ROPS/FOPS Volvo Care Cab with high visibility, ergonomically positioned controls, a new air-suspended seat, optional armrests and head restraints, wide-opening door, climate control with “the cleanest air filtration system in the industry” and low noise levels.

The F-Series machines come fitted as standard with CareTrack, Volvo CE’s telematics system. Accessed remotely, CareTrack provides machine information such as fuel consumption and service reminders.

The Matris tool further monitors operation, helping to optimise performance and fuel efficiency by tracking activity and identifying areas for improvement. It also allows machine owners to collect the same data as CareTrack, even if CareTrack is not available in their area.

Adding to the suite is the Contronics system, which continuously monitors fluid levels and relays diagnostic information to a screen in the cab, providing warning messages to alert the operator to problems early on.

Volvo has designed the F-Series haulers for safe and easy maintenance, with a front grille that swings down and functions as a service platform with anti-slip steps. The engine compartment has a 90-degree tilting hood for easy access to filters and service.

In addition, on these new models the hydraulic tank, muffler, fuel tank and refuelling pipe have all been relocated to more intuitive locations.

Volvo Construction Equipment has been represented in Australia and PNG for more than 20 years by CJD Equipment, a privately owned Australian company whose distribution portfolio also includes SDLG, Kenworth and DAF. For more information call 1300 139 804 or visit

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