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Volvo H Series wheel loaders arrive in Australia

The Volvo H Series wheel loaders — consisting of the L150H, L180H and L250H models — have been introduced to Australia by local distributor CJD Equipment.

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Volvo Construction Equipment says that the new loaders have been designed to improve fuel efficiency, operator comfort and machine lifetime

This is made possible through the use of Volvo’s OptiShift and Reverse By Braking (RBB) technologies.

The former is said to eliminate power losses in the torque converter and reduce fuel consumption by up to 18 percent, while the latter senses the loader’s direction and slows the machine by applying the service brakes automatically — ideal for short cycle or truck loading applications.

Further improving performance are load-sensing hydraulics. A Tier 3/ Stage IIIA Volvo engine supplies power to the hydraulic functions according to demand, ensuring a fast response for shorter cycle times while delivering smooth operation, the company says.

“These wheel loaders are equipped with ideally-matched, all-Volvo powertrains,” Volvo says. “The L150H, L180H and L220H feature Volvo’s unique Torque Parallel (TP) linkage that delivers high breakout force and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range.  

“The Volvo L250H features Volvo’s proven Z-bar linkage, providing high breakout force for strong, powerful digging in hard materials and facilitating quick load cycles for increased productivity.”

An optional Boom Suspension System (BSS) for all three models can further boost productivity by up to 20 percent, Volvo claims, by absorbing shock and reducing bouncing and bucket spillage on rough ground.  

Also improving productivity is the loaders’ ability to handle a larger re-handling bucket due to their sturdy tires, BSS and additional counterweight.

The L180H High-Lift is designed to achieve best-in-class lift height and reach for log handling jobs. It also features a log pusher — operated by two push buttons in front of the hydraulic control levers — to increase stack height by up to 30 percent.  

As would be expected, the Volvo wheel loaders have a spacious, low-noise ROPS/FOPS certified cab with ergonomically placed controls, ample storage space and a comfortable seat with three point seat belt and seat belt warning.  

The air filter system allows 90 percent of the cab air to be recirculated for continuous dust removal, Volvo says.

Improving low-light safety and visibility are reflectors which follow the contour of the machine, LED entrance lights and a variety of work lamps.

Both the front and the rear axles have an axle oil circulation feature, which allows oil to circulate and cool inside the axle.

“A hydraulically-driven cooling fan protects the machines’ vital components from damage by overheating,” Volvo says. “The fan activates automatically only when needed to limit fuel consumption and noise, and can be reversed to allow self-cleaning of the cooling units.”


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