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WA shire adds LiuGong grader to fleet

The Shire of Nungarin has become one of the first in WA to add a LiuGong grader to its fleet

Following positive experiences with LiuGong wheel loaders, the Shire of Nungarin has decided to add a LiuGong 4230D motor grader to its fleet.

Originally it was planned for the shire to upgrade its old grader of a different brand, but it was costing too much in annual repairs and maintenance and experienced considerable downtime, Liugong says.

Works and service manager of the Shire Dave Nayada says the upgrade to the LiuGong machine has been positive, with the grader being effective and reliable.

Featuring a nine-litre Cummins engine and weighing nearly 20 tonnes, the grader has worked for more than 650 hours in the shire with no complaints.

“It doesn’t lack any power and it’s doing a good job, with no breakdowns so far,” he says.

Operator comfort also received a big tick.

“The guys have all come out of other machines into the LiuGong and they are extremely happy,” Nayada says.

Situated nearly 300km from Perth, the shire oversees approximately 370km of gravel and 180km of bitumen roads, LiuGong says.

LiuGong 856H wheel loaders are also being used in the shire, with the council finding them to be great value for money, Nayada says.

“We did the price comparisons and the saving was huge,” he says.

“It can do a lot of clearing work along the sides of roads and loading of trucks with gravel.

“It’s definitely as good as the major brands, if not better, for pushing power. It’s brilliant pushing the pile.”

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