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WRB Group adds new Volvo ECR355E excavator

WRB Group has recently taken possession of a new Volvo ECR355E excavator, for its greater lifting capacity and digging force

Brisbane-based concrete and sleeper retaining wall installer WRB Group recently purchased a new Volvo ECR355E excavator from distributor CJD Equipment, for use on a wide range of construction projects.

The 34.1-tonne to 38-tonne ECR355E is built off the E-Series design and has a short swing radius, allowing access in tight workspaces and confined areas, making it ideal for urban construction sites or areas with limited space.

The short swing radius also provides greater stability for work on uneven terrain and improve heavy lifting capabilities, Volvo adds.

The hydraulic system of the ECR355E offers a significant increase in lifting capacity and digging force, compared to previous models, which allows this excavator to handle heavier loads.

Volvo says the ECR355E offers greater controllability, to increase operator efficiency and precision.

The Stage V engine, improved hydraulic performance and Eco mode mean the ECR355E can achieve greater fuel efficiency, it adds.

The ECR355E comes with the option of Volvo Smart View – a system of front, rear and side cameras – which provides the operator with an enhanced view of their surroundings in confined spaces.

For more information, head over to the CJD Equipment site here.

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