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XCMG celebrates excavator exports

XCMG Machinery has made one shipment of more than 1,000 excavators to key markets across the globe including Australia.

Featuring a wide range of models, XCMG has shipped its excavators from China to a variety of key markets including Europe, North America and Oceania

More than 1,000 excavators were sent in one shipment, to key markets including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Turkey and Australia.

The shipment included various sized excavators from compact, to medium and large-sized units, with the machines being fully customised to meet customer needs, XCMG announced.

Customisation has included a focus on driving experience, handling feel and operational performance, the company says.

XCMG says its excavator research and development team conducted in-depth frontline research, based on market needs, to drive product iteration and upgrades.

“We have conducted technological research specific to different regional application scenarios and typical work conditions to better meet the worldwide need for excavation machinery”, XCMG vice president Song Zhike says.

“In recent years, XCMG has concentrated its efforts on established international markets,” XCMG announced.

“During this time, we developed and implemented cutting-edge technologies that are intelligent, environmentally friendly, and digitally integrated, addressing critical aspects of modern engineering equipment.”

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