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XCMG releases suite of new machinery

XCMG used the BICES 2023 exhibition recently to showcase new machinery ranges, including walking excavators, intelligent construction equipment and digital monitoring

XCMG Machinery exhibited 28 equipment products from across its range recently at the 16th China Beijing International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, and Mining Machines Exhibition & Seminar (BICES 2023) hosted in Beijing, China.

After revealing the electric open pit mining shovel excavator earlier this year, XCMG used BICES 2023 to release the all-new upgraded walking excavator products known as ‘steel mantis’. The 10-ton and 20-ton (nine and 18-tonne) modular walking excavators are providing more solutions for emergency rescue and special operations in mountainous conditions, it says.

XCMG also highlighted Asia’s only all-terrain, rubber-tracked bulldozer, which has a maximum speed of 58km/h and a high-speed excavator with what it says is the industry’s first example of mechanical steering technology and a steady travel speed of 80km/h.

XCMG launched its 2023 digital and intelligent construction fleet at the exhibition, as well as 15 new energy equipment products, including: the world’s largest tonnage hybrid all-terrain crane, the XCA300L8-HEV; the Peacock series large-tonnage high-voltage lithium forklift; the 105-ton (95-tonne) XGE105 electric mining truck; the world’s first unmanned electric mining truck – XDR80TE-AT; the XE215E pure electric excavator; the HB62VH hybrid pump truck; the G4802BIIVE pure electric mixing truck; and new energy aerial work platforms.

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