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Yanmar debuts V120 wheel loader

A new powerful, efficient and versatile wheel loader has been unveiled by Yanmar Compact Equipment for the European market.

The new Yanmar V120 wheel loader meets EU Stage V emission regulations and is powered by a 3.6-litre diesel

The next-generation version of the Yanmar V120 wheel loader is powered by a 3.6-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel and has been designed to suit space-limited urban job sites and landscaping applications.

The V120’s engine has also been fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) as standard, delivering 101 horsepower and 410Nm of torque, all while still meeting EU stage V efficiency standard and capable of reaching speeds of up to 36km/h.

Operators of the V120 can make use of new technologies in the wheel loader, including parallel kinematics, which allow the quick and precise movement of loads to a maximum lifting height of 3.365m and a maximum dumping height of 2.68m.

Through its next-generation kinematics, the V120 now has a tipping load capacity of five tonnes (straight) and 4.4 tonnes (full turn), as well as a maximum digging force of 55,000N.

Working hydraulics and a variable displacement pump assist in building a working pressure of 250 bar and a capacity of 81L/min. The circuit is also controlled thermostatically, actively maintaining oil temperature within the optimum window.

Attachments of the V120 include a general purpose bucket, forklift attachment and a multi-purpose bucket and alternating between the three all capable with ease and in-cab using Yanmar’s hydraulic quick hitch system.

In-cab, ergonomic controls, an adjustable steering column, and suspension seat allow operators to reduce fatigue and function the machine efficiently. The cycle time of digging and loading work has also been shortened; a result of a new brake pedal which can slow the loader’s speed while maintaining rpm.

Across uneven terrain, the V120’s rear axle oscillation system helps stablise the machine and keep all four wheels on the ground, with slewing angles of up to eight degrees.

Yanmar has also enhanced manoeuvrability, with 40 degrees of articulated steering and a turning radius of 2.155m.

Other additions to the V120 include hydrostatic transmission, permanent all-wheel drive and automatic self-locking differentials – all of which help the loader move heavy loads on challenging terrains.

Yanmar’s Smart Control System is included as standard, providing effortless control and monitoring capability with a 3.5-inch display giving real-time data and customisable operator settings.

Daily maintenance tasks can be all performed at the ground level and a large engine hood provide easy access to all main service items.

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