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Yellowgate providing equipment solutions

For Bunhu Mining owner Terry Danda, Yellowgate’s rent-to-buy approach to supplying equipment has been a huge boost for his business as he looks to expand his fleet

The path to accessing finance for equipment isn’t always as straightforward as going to the bank. Particularly for small business owners who may not have an extensive credit history, the bank lending algorithm can be a hurdle to those looking to grow their fleets.

Terry Danda, who set up Bunhu Mining in Perth after emigrating from Zimbabwe, is one such business owner who faced significant challenges in establishing himself in the industry.

“I started my business here in Australia in 2017 as a sole trader, but I’ve worked in the industry since 2003,” he says.

“I’m a qualified boiler maker, but when I first moved to Australia, I couldn’t get any work doing that. So, I started doing little bits of everything – working as a brickie’s labourer, doing home renovations, gardening, fencing and roofing.

“I raised money to start buying earthmoving gear. I was buying equipment from farms down south, refurbishing it and using it.”

Building a business

After trying his hand at a variety of trades, Danda eventually decided to make the move towards running his own business – Bunhu Mining.

“We do mining, haulage, crushing, processing, civil works, a bit of construction, and we’re working on starting a full-blown marine side too,” he says.

“I started doing earthmoving and demolition first. From there, I bought trucks and got into civil works in Marble Bar, WA in 2020.

“I got a contract to do mining and haulage in Port Hedland, then expanded into processing and crushing, as well as major civil works.

Terry Danda on one of his excavators. Image: Yellowgate

“We’ve done some very rewarding jobs as a contractor for Main Roads WA projects, including for major civil company Fulton Hogan.”

The business has continued to grow in recent years, with Danda applying his experience of running a trucking firm back in Zimbabwe where he managed an operation of 26 haul trucks carting coal, grain and general goods.

“I also have experience doing site works for acreage properties, as well as demolition and earthworks,” he says.

When he was looking to get his new Bunhu Mining business off the ground, Danda says his equipment procurement options were limited. As a result, everything was financed off his own back – raising money and funnelling it back into the business.

“Whatever money I was being paid was going back into Bunhu Mining, because as such a new business, my other options were limited,” he says.

“That changed in 2019 when I started getting a bit of funding. I was able to buy some small earthmoving gear to do some demolition work, but still needed to find another solution to help keep the business growing.”

Yellowgate, with its rent-to-buy option for a wide range of earthmoving machinery, provided the solution. Danda has subsequently purchased four pieces of equipment from Yellowgate, with more planned in the near future.

“Yellowgate is structured in a way that they are very flexible, and willing to go that extra mile,” Danda says.

“Nowadays it can be very difficult to find equipment solutions backed by common sense.

“For some, procuring equipment is just about numbers and spreadsheets. They haven’t been on the ground to see what’s really happening. But Yellowgate speaks the language of the earthmoving and mining industries, and is willing to provide an ear.

“And for any business owner who can take an opportunity like that and use it wisely, they can very quickly build something successful.”

Danda has taken advantage of the opportunity to hire first and buy later. Image: Yellowgate


Yellowgate Group offers equipment rentals across various sectors including construction, civil, mining, agriculture, transport and manufacturing.

With a focus on 12-month rental agreements, a client can access the machinery it needs, for as long as it needs, without having to commit to a purchase. If project needs change or further work is procured, the client has the opportunity to buy the machine if it suits their circumstances, providing a greater degree of flexibility compared to pure hire or purchase options.

The process is a matter of three simple steps:

1. The customer specifies the equipment needed, or Yellowgate can help source it

2. Yellowgate purchases the equipment and rents it to the customer

3. At the end of the rental term, the customer can rent, recontract, purchase or return the equipment.

To find out how you can leverage Yellowgate’s service on your next project, visit:

Bunhu Mining offers a wide range of services, from mining to crushing. Image: Yellowgate
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